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Deicing and Snow Removal with Microweather Data

Plus, reducing unnecessary real-time diversions and cancellations

September 12

JetBlue Airways to Use ClimaCell’s New HyperCast Aviation Microweather Software

New HyperCast Aviation solution designed specifically for airlines and airport operations teams

July 22

The Debate Over Weather Station Data – General Aviation vs. the FAA

The aviation industry desperately needs more data - the FAA says the station data they want is low quality. We believe there's a third option

May 5

Weather Win: March 2018

Bringing Rain into Focus When Radar is Blind

March 29

Visualizing Big Weather Data for Friendlier Skies — and Happier Fliers

What can airlines do to to avoid taking the heat for weather delays and increase customer satisfaction during severe weather? The latest weather technology may hold the key at the gate and on the tarmac. 

December 12

Cutting NAS Flight Delays with Real-Time Weather Decision Support Tools

In 2017–2018, tech-savvy airlines in the U.S. are taking advantage of next-generation tools that enhance traditional weather monitoring. 

December 6