Forget ZIP-code weather. Hyper-local gets a whole new meaning


Custom severe weather alerts

Data-driven demand forecasting

Street-level view of real-time weather

Customer engagement and targeting at the individual level

Is it raining on your customer's street? Only ClimaCell can tell you.

Use the Microweather API to harness the world’s most accurate weather observations to plan demand, supply, and pricing. If you use weather data for your business – the BroadCast™ is the only API with our proprietary layer plus what every weather API contains.

Instead of reacting to unexpected weather or seasonal shifts, retailers can take a proactive approach to managing their inventory, marketing triggers, and even adopt dynamic pricing models.

​With real-time data and with short-term forecasts every minute, ClimaCell helps retailers adapt their sales and marketing strategies. We offer individual-level, real-time weather data and an enormous opportunity to advertise creatively and improve customer engagement.
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