May 23, 2018

Our Favorite Apps for the Microweather™ API: Part 8

Jacob and Julia Give Us Their Picks Over Slack (and We Recorded it)

This may be my favorite video in our Micro Weather API series yet, and there are no humans in it. Hmmmm….that could be telling me something. Anyway, in this installment we asked Jacob, our Director of Algorithms and Julia, one of our top R&D meteorologists, which app they would most like to see integrate with our Micro Weather API. The two of them picked Slack which initially was confusing to me. How would weather data in Slack be used? They ended up explaining it really well in, guess what, a Slack conversation. So I decided to just show the slack conversation versus doing a live video of them. We use Slack pretty extensively at our office, but it hadn’t occurred to me that if Slack had good micro weather information, it would actually be really convenient for power-Slack users.

Enjoy our only video in the series with no spoken dialogue. You’re welcome.

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