May 18, 2018

Our Favorite Apps for the Microweather™: Part 5

Three of our Met Guys (Well Actually Two) Weigh In

So we’ve had a great launch week for our Micro Weather API and are already working with some very cool companies that need granular weather data. We also had a fun week posting very low budget (actually no budget) videos where we asked employees which app they would most like to see use our weather api. So far, here were the responses:
For this final installment of the week, Madalynn was able to get three of our meteorologists into a room to give us their app choices. What you’ll see in this video may look like a staged scene of some kind, because one of our meteorologists is actually working on his computer and has to leave in the middle. I can assure you that this was not staged and also assure you that the meteorologist who was working on his computer was chatting directly with a huge client (one that we’ll be announcing this summer). Anyway, we decided that the “show must go on,” so kept filming even after he left. He apologized profusely after but I told him he should always choose helping clients over helping with a silly marketing video. Plus we kind of got a kick out of the way he stormed out.

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