May 15, 2018

Our Favorite Apps for the Microweather™ API: Part 2

Two Members of the ClimaCell Product Team Make Their PIcks

Yesterday we launched our Micro Weather API and we’ve been psyched to see how many developers are trying it already. Yesterday we also posted a video where we heard from our CEO Shimon Elkabetz about which app he would most like to see integrate with the our API to have access to location-specific micro weather data.

Today one of our rising sales stars, Madalynn Lauria, was able to convince two of our product guys to sit down with her to film a quick video about which app they’d most like to see integrate with ClimaCell’s weather data. They threw us a bit of a curveball by not picking an app exactly, but what they picked was definitely a good choice. It’s a product that has about 70% marketshare in its category and has changed the way a lot of us find out about the weather. It could, however, do a better job of getting the weather right. 🙂

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