May 14, 2018

Our Favorite Apps for the Microweather™ API: Part 1

ClimaCell CEO Shimon Elkabetz Makes His Pick on Launch Day

Today we are launching the first Micro Weather API, and our office is buzzing. To try to capture some of that buzz, we wanted to share with you some of the fun conversations we’ve been having internally of all the great uses cases we could see for this new API. Because the data in our API is truly hyperlocal with updated forecasts every minute (versus much longer in other APIs), it will be used by drone companies, autonomous cars, and even apps that we all use every day.

So as we’ve been gearing up for the launch, employees have been talking about which of their favorite “everyday” apps they would love to see integrate with the ClimaCell Micro Weather API. The data from our API can basically add value to any app related to activities affected by weather, from travel apps to sports apps to concert apps, and even dinner reservation apps. So to share some of our excitement around all of these great possible use cases, we’re going to post a video every day for the next two weeks showing an employee or group of employees talking about the app they’d love to see powered by Micro Weather data. 

In this special first edition on the day of our launch, I spoke to our CEO Shimon Elkabetz to see which app was his first choice. Check it out!

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