October 2, 2017

Daniel Rothenberg Joins ClimaCell as Director of Meteorology

ClimaCell Director of Meteorology, Daniel Rothenberg, PhD

ClimaCell welcomes Daniel Rothenberg as our new Director of Meteorology. As a PhD atmospheric scientist, Daniel will lead the continued development of ClimaCell’s novel real-time atmospheric sensing technologies and datasets as well as new hyper-local forecasting models and services.

“By leveraging a “big data”-centric approach to the issue, we can make a significant contribution to improving weather awareness across wide swaths of society.”

Before joining ClimaCell, Daniel was a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he completed his PhD modeling the physics and chemistry of clouds in the climate system.

During his tenure at MIT, Daniel developed novel modeling tools for simulating the interactions of particles and clouds in global climate models. His work and collaborations with colleagues at MIT and in Singapore led to publications in leading journals in the atmospheric sciences. As a leader in his field, he organized and chaired independent and society-sponsored scientific conferences and helped to found new initiatives in the geosciences aimed at building high-performance, open-source toolkits for working massive climate datasets. Before his PhD, he completed a BS in atmospheric science at Cornell University, and undertook a Google-sponsored internship to improve a key US temperature data record maintained by the National Climatic Data Center.

Beyond his scientific contributions to the atmospheric sciences, Daniel has been active as a member of the science policy community and a climate change communicator, giving public lectures throughout the Boston area. Daniel passionately advocates for using “big data” in all domains — especially weather and climate — to better inform decision-making and to protect lives and property. Towards this end he strives to leverage his position and ClimaCell’s unique technological developments to improve public awareness of weather hazards.

Daniel says, “By leveraging a “big data”-centric approach to the issue, we can make a significant contribution to improving weather awareness across wide swaths of society. That includes providing weather data to parts of the world which have have not typically had access to it — including the developing world. Truly a weather revolution!”

Daniel Rothenberg can be reached at daniel@climacell.co

ClimaCell, Inc. is a Boston-based weather tech company that provides high-definition weather forecasting tools to businesses and governments worldwide. ClimaCell is the first to offer instant access to reliable street-level weather data in real-time.

Published October 2nd, 2017 by: Sophia Tupolev-Luz, Chief of Staff | ClimaCell

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